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Our Goals

  • We strive to equip people with communication skills that will enable them to prevent conflict, defuse discord if it occurs, build mutual respect, and create the capacity to relate to each other amicably.

  • To productively mediate conflict between individuals in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Book ImageWe are pleased to announce that after working on it for nearly four years, our book, CONFLICT – THE UNEXPECTED GIFT: Making the most of disputes in life and work is now available. Each chapter offers concrete steps and real-life stories that teach new ways of communicating. We share tools we use as mediators and suggest ways individuals can practice applying these skills to any differences, disputes, or conflicts they may have with other people. Conflict is an unexpected gift – an opportunity for change. A pearl starts as an irritation in an oyster. Similarly, a new openness in relationships can be an outcome of conflict. In the course of working through conflicts, people can learn to let go of unfounded assumptions and pave new chapters in their relationships. When reconciled, a conflict can be the gift of a second chance.

Our book can be ordered from bookstores and online, in print and in eBook format.

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